We know that nobody has big bucks right now, we don’t do WORDfest for the money or glory, well, maybe a little glory! We organise WORDfest because it’s fun and when Ghandi said “Be the change you want to see in the world” he made a very good point. There are lots of buzz words and phrases about investing in people and supporting the arts but since the hatchet job that’s been inflicted on arts funding, the best way to do these things is to invest time and create and share things. So when we have the time, we do. We hope you like the festival and if you do and can afford to help us with running costs we’d greatly appreciate any amount you can spare. We’ve suggested £10 in the box as that way you become a ‘friend’ of WORDfest, but we’ll not be offended in the slightest if you reduced the amount, anything at all is great. And if you’d like to become a friend of the festival that’d be great. See below.



Receive a giftpack if you donate £10 or more. Packs will be available to collect from Crawley Library from Saturday March 9th 2013.

WORDfest Friend Flyer