Some Fantastic Theatre

Hello lovely WORDfesters we’d just like to draw your attention to 2 events happening just outside of the main festival programme this year, both at The Hawth theatre.

The first is Snakes and Ladders and is a pre-launch event and takes inspiration from stories about hair:


Snakes and Ladders is a fast and  funny family tale about three mixed race sisters and their relationship to their hair, inspired from real life stories collected from Black hairdressers in the South East of England in the Positive Hair Day project.

Written by the fantastic Sarah Naomi Lee, it will also feature HAIRstories from some participants of a workshop that took place in Crawley Library earlier this month! See the website here:

Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd April

Book with The Hawth here! 

Secondly, just after the festival we’re partnering with Amnesty International Horsham, Pitchy Breath theatre group and The Hawth for ‘Even If We Lose Our Lives: First-hand accounts from Afghan women human rights defenders’. We hope you can come.


Tickets will be £1 (to cover booking fee) and there will be a collection for Amnesty International.



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