Apostrophe Catastrophe

I thought I was a bit of a pedant grammar-wise,  I once marvelled at a design client who didn’t want to heed my advice on plural spelling, because he liked it as it was. However, at WORDfest Towers a crime against all things good and correct has slipped past a tote of booksellers, a shelf-load of librarians and a ream of writers!

A superfluous apostrophe snuck it’s way in (see there! It did it again!), apologies, snuck its way in. Sorry to have horrified anyone who suffers with grammatical sensitivity and has a fondness for Lynne Truss. We can only put this down to our workload and need for speed. The website is correctable, but alas, the print versions, having all been copied and pasted from the one offending document, sadly cannot. The culprit will be found and dealt with forthwith.


I would like to make a silk purse from this metaphorical sow’s ear and add an edifying element to this post. Whomever is the next person to find an error in grammar on WORDfest’s website, and comment on it below, will be awarded a copy of ‘F in Exams: The Funniest Test Paper Blunders’ what I just purchased from Waterstone’s in County Mall. I would have offered a book by Lynne Truss but the winner would probably already have a copy!



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