Live Artworks 2011

For WORDfest 2011 we asked 8 artists to spend a day each in Ginger Moo’s huge gallery window creating artwork on the theme of words. We were really amazed by the diversity of the work. There were giant doodles, painstakingly detailed illustrations, T-shirt customisation, a poem that was slowly revealed, a split personality and a pop-up collaborative studio. Everyone had a different source of inspiration and working method. They all really added that something special to the creative buzz of the festival. These photos don’t really do them justice but, even they’re still pretty good. ENJOY!

Saturday April 2 2011 Julius Doroskevicius
Sunday April 3 2011 Jim Smithyes
Monday April 4 2011 Stuart Whitton
Tuesday April 5 2011 Andy Foot
Wednesday April 6 2011 Andrea Thorns
Thursday April 7 2011 Mr. Nick
Friday April 8 2011 Jo Harrison
Saturday April 9 2011 Rachel Cowell

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